Sunday Afternoons Gone Right

The Sports View Deli Bar & Grill (upstairs in the Oak Bay Rec Centre) has everything you need for a relaxing, good time.

Upstairs in the Oak Bay Recreation Centre is the Sports View Deli Bar & Grill.  Let me tell you why we love this place:

  1. The Sports View is VERY family friendly, but really, it’s “everyone friendly.” It’s a total mix- and it’s great. People are relaxed,  doing their thing, and it’s so spacious. Even the chairs feel big.
  2. The food is just what we need. Tons of options for kids (yogurt, hard boiled eggs, cheese, etc.) and a full menu including…”the best clubhouses!” (Oak Bay husband)food
  3. The prices seem VERY reasonable. Thank you for that!
  4. The drink menu is perfect. Beer (they even sell by the glass), wine, cider, highballs, this place has it all.drink
  5. The Sports View has a huge big screen television (8′ x 12′) for the whole family to enjoy all the sports action! My husband and I actually watched some football and didn’t want to leave!football
  6. The staff are so lovely and patient. They make the experience smooth and relaxing.
  7. Wine at 2 p.m. Because when you skate with young children (who don’t yet skate on their own), you deserve wine after.
  8. The Sports View hosts a variety of live music. Check out the calendar for upcoming shows.
  9. Dining at the Sports View supports our Rec Centres and local community.

downtime10. It’s literally upstairs! So convenient and easy.



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