We All Scream for Artisan Ice Cream!

Supporting a local company while eating pure ingredients is a win-win! Read below to learn about 49 Below Artisan Ice Cream.





icecream3I’ve recently started reading food labels more closely. Part of this is being pregnant, but mainly I just can’t seem to get my head around all this stuff in our food.

Fellow local Jena, at Westcoast Wifestyle, connected me with 49 Below Artisan Ice Cream. You can listen to their great podcast here.

With 49 Below Ice Cream, there are no preservatives or artificial flavours; just pure, delicious ice cream. They are a small-batch producer which allows them to “infuse products with a level of attention and passion that is impossible for large-scale factories to reproduce.”

We are very happy that 49 Below will be joining us at Fireman’s Park this Friday at 9:30 a.m. to provide free samples for all! Nothing beats eating pure delicious ice cream while supporting a local company.

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