Victoria By Bike “Quest”

An independent, self-guided bike tour with a twist!

A bike tour around Victoria, with puzzles and facts to discover!  Designed by Enigmatic Events in partnership with The Pedaler Bike Tours, this bike tour will take you all around the city for a fun and informative bike ride.


The bike route, location specific puzzles, clues, and digital map are delivered to you via your smart phone. You will solve clues and puzzles to unlock the map to your next destination, and learn about Victoria along the way! On this route you will explore Victoria’s beautiful coastline, historical sites and funky neighbourhoods, all while testing your puzzling skills.

You can take your own bike, or hire from The Pedaler.  $24.99 (CAD) from the Pedaler, or use the Cluekeeper website.  Download the Cluekeeper App, then buy the hunt from the site.

You don’t need a data plan to do the hunt itself.  You don’t need to hire a bike from the Pedaler.  You could even do it on foot, though it’s a 12km long route, so prepare for a decent afternoon walk!




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Belleville Street 321
Victoria V8V 1X2 BC CA
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