Finding the Fit

Finding the right "fit" for your child can be challenging when it comes to camps.

Spring Break.

Sometimes it’s hard to find activities for our children that match their little personalities. By the end of last summer, despite great programs and teachers, my son just wasn’t into camps anymore. For this Spring Break, we decided to do one week at home, and one week of camp.

I found a camp through Oak Bay Rec put on by Crafty and it has honestly been the best week of this kid’s life. He’s always been pretty artistic, but it seems this type of camp has also challenged him in different ways than usual. The projects are complex, but also provide him with step-by-step instructions at his level. He comes home talking about “hardening layers” and wants to make custom pinatas for birthday parties (perhaps a business he can take on down the road). We all know that parenting has it’s ups and downs, and it’s nice when you get moments when your child just seems themselves and inspired.

Have you had an experience recently where your child was right in their element?craft



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